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  • Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot Review: Essential Information

  • Ancient Egypt was an era that was full of secrets. Similar to the time, Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine offers deep secrets and large wins. With the help of this game, you will be able to dive down to the golden treasures of the ancient pyramids. Your spirit of adventure will make you explore the ancient ruins on this ten pay lines and five-reel game. Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot is also available for both offline and online gaming.

    Pharaoh’s Fortune is a game that will offer you a lot of winning possibilities. The icons and bonus rounds are transfixed in such a way that you will get unexpected winning opportunities, especially during the feature and bonus rounds.

    There is one fact that most people do not know – gambling was quite a popular lifestyle in Ancient Egypt. If Cleopatra and Ra were alive right now, they would certainly love to get their hands on Pharaoh’s Fortune slot game. They would surely love to test their skills and luck as they are hopping from one brick-and-mortar casino to another. Or else, they would rather opt for the online slots game rather than play offline. Let us see more about it in this Pharaoh’s Fortune slot review.

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  • Additional info
    • Released 2014
    • Software IGT
    • Rolls 5
    • Paylines 15
    • Minimum Bet 1 per line
    • Maximum Bet 200 per line
Pharaoh's Fortune Slot

Theme and Design Of The Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot

If you are ready to explore the mysticism offered by Ancient Egypt, you will love this slot game. Pharaoh’s Fortune slot is a betting game that is developed by IGT and looks forward to hugely celebrating the Egyptian culture. The machine is quite glossy and fitted with components and symbols that are bathed in vibrant colors.

The accompanying music of the slot game is quite pop-sounding and vivid; it will make you want to book a time-travel machine and travel to the era when the pyramids were just being built. While it might not offer the grandest jackpot, you could win the top prize by playing at the maximum bet. This is quite a catch for online gamblers all over the world.

In short, the theme is quite engaging and, at the same time, will not distract you from the gameplay. Very few games have been able to match up to the thematic designing of Pharaoh’s Fortune slot game.

How Do You Play The Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot?

Pharaoh’s Fortune game has 15 fixed pay lines with three rows and five reels. This also includes an option regarding the quality of the graphics, which comes in very handy. However, you will not see an ‘Autoplay’ function. The ‘Autoplay’ function is the easiest method to play Pharaoh’s Fortune slot.

You need to choose manually to play a single spin at a time, or you can make use of the ‘Autoplay’ option. Before you move forward to submit the bet, you need to choose the Bet Per Line and the number of lines. As mentioned above, the coin denomination needs to be between 1 and 200.

Similar to the other slot games, you need to spin the reels. If you want to know the payout of the icons, you can read more about it in the next section.

Symbols of Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots

Pharaoh’s Fortune slot game includes 13 symbols for the base gameplay. These symbols include the Glowing Pyramid, the Golden Beetle Scatter, the Phoenix, two Egyptians, an Egyptian riding a chariot, an Egyptian with a wolf mask, an Egyptian with two poles, the green Pharaoh, the owl, the wolf, the snake, and the eye.

Similar to any other games, you need to match specific icons for landing the winning combinations. In this slot game, the highest-paying symbol is the Glowing Pyramid. This symbol also acts as the Wild symbol of the game. It can be used to replace all the other symbols in the game, apart from the Scatter and the bonus symbols.

If you can land multiple Pharaoh’s Fortune game symbols on the reels, you will be awarded a hefty payout. For two symbols, you will be given 50 credits, and for three, you get 200 credits. Similarly, for four and five symbols, you will get 1,000 and 10,000 credits, respectively.


As mentioned above, the Golden Beetle is the Scatter icon, which can appear anywhere on the screen. While you need a minimum number of Scatters to win, they do not have to appear on the same line. Landing two symbols will provide you with a multiplier of 2x; similarly, landing three, four, and five symbols will give you 5x, 10x, and 50x multipliers, respectively.

However, the icon that you need to look for is the Phoenix. If you land two symbols, the Phoenix will pay out five credits. For three, four, and five symbols, you will get 100, 250, and 1,000 credits, respectively.

For the two Egyptians icon, landing two, three, four, and five symbols will pay you 2, 25, 100, and 500 credits, respectively.

As for the remaining symbols, the payouts are as follows:

For Egyptian on chariot and Egyptian in wolf mask:

  • 3 symbols = 15 credits
  • 4 symbols = 100 credits
  • 5 symbols = 400 credits

For Egyptian with two poles:

  • 3 symbols = 10 credits
  • 4 symbols = 75 credits
  • 5 symbols = 200 credits

For the snake and eye symbols:

  • 3 symbols = 10 credits
  • 4 symbols = 50 credits
  • 5 symbols = 100 credits

Lastly, for the owl and wolf symbols:

  • 3 symbols = 5 credits
  • 4 symbols = 30 credits
  • 5 symbols = 100 credits

There is also the green pharaoh icon, which will trigger when you manage to land at least three during the bonus round. If you manage to do so, all your winnings will be multiplied by the amount on the line bet. The maximum can go up to 50 credits. Hence, a simple spin on the maximum bet that will showcase to you five glowing pyramids on the same pay line will potentially offer you 500,000 credits.

Pharaoh's Fortune Slot

Bonus Features In Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots

If you manage to land three of the bonus symbol on the pay line, the free spin bonus feature will get activated. You will be offered three Pharaoh’s Fortune free spins and a 1x multiplier at first. However, before you can start the free spins round, you will be taken into the Pharaoh’s tomb, where you will have the chance of boosting the number of the win multiplier and the free spins.

You will see a wall made of stone blocks, which you need to start picking one after another. Behind these stones, you will see the multipliers and free spins hidden. You need to choose very wisely and start picking the blocks one after another.

If you choose wisely, you can potentially amass up to 25 free spins and/or up-to 6x multiplier. You can continue picking from the blocks until you pick the ‘play bonus slot,’ which will take you back to the main game screen, and you will have the option to play the free spins. You will also get five extra pay lines in the bonus game and a new set of payouts and bonuses.

Tips For Winning In The Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot

Perhaps the highest payout in credits for the two most valuable icons is 500. 5000 is the maximum jackpot, which is only if you can land the scatter symbols on all the five reels; additionally, you need to ensure that all the pay lines are active as well. You also need to be aware of some dry spins and be wary of this fact.

Free Spins

However, it should also be noted that the returns are not exactly worth the risk because the total you win back is only marginally more than the cost per spin. The main trick here is that you need to somehow trigger the free spins by landing the same three scatter icons. If you manage to do so, you could trigger 500x the bet, and get the best chance in the game of triggering the free spins feature.

In short, it can be said that Pharaoh’s Fortune is a game that can either make or break you. If you do not know how to play the game properly, you can end up with a massive hole in your pocket. However, if you manage to do things right and place your bets correctly, you will be rewarded handsomely. The background theme and score of the game is such that it will give you a serious adrenaline rush. All games developed by IGT are fitted with the most popular themes for engaging the eyes as well as your minds. These Pharaoh’s Fortune tips will add to the excitement of the game to such an extent that it will only grow, while you are gathering the Wild symbols.

Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots Mobile Slots

In today’s times, most of us would prefer playing games on our mobile devices or tablets. As such, IGT has managed to develop a large number of its titles that can be played on your mobile devices as well. The Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots mobile app has been developed and can be accessed from your portable devices.

In this Pharaoh’s Fortune mobile app, the game layout has been optimized for the best mobile gaming experience. It has been simplified to ensure that you have the best view of the game and also offer more engaging gameplay.

You will see that the spin button will be located on the right-hand side of the screen and will disappear once you tap on it. Again, this feature has been made in this way so that you do not miss out on all the excitement and entertainment as you are playing the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot on-the-go.


There is no shortage of slot games that are based on the old and ancient eras. Yet, this game has managed to inject a healthy dose of fun and humor into the classic theme with this dancing hieroglyphics. The graphics are colorful and bright, and the soundtrack justifies the theme with perfection.

The best aspect of this game is the free spins bonus. This feature is quite innovative and provides you with ample chances to boost your number of multipliers and free spins. This way, you are given a highly-rewarding bonus chance to win. If you love to play games that are based on ancient worlds like Greek and Egyptian eras, Pharaoh’s Fortune is the best game that you can try.

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